About Victorious Life Ministries

Victorious Life Ministries is spearheaded by Lisa Webb and built by women who are knitted together in the fabric of God’s family.  We share a similar characteristic, in that we are ridiculously in love with Jesus.  We are motivated by successful Godly results.  We are driven by love and compassion.  We are global minded but exercise a grass roots approach.  We pursue a world-changing impact.  We are a network of women from all different denominations.  We are uniquely comprised of a patchwork of adults, including all age groups, class structures, educational backgrounds, ethnicities, and pedigrees.  We are on fire for God.  We are God’s servants and just a few of God’s ambassadors to women.

 OUR MISSION The mission of Victorious Life Ministries is to share the love of Jesus Christ while ministering to the spiritual and natural needs of women, bringing hope for today and empowerment for the future.

The vision of Victorious Life Ministries is to communicate the simple and relevant truths found in the Bible.  

Our dream is to nurture and cultivate women who have visions that will impact the world for Jesus Christ.  Our vision is to serve as a womb to bring God ordained dreams to pass through support, partnership, and logical measures, such as the sharing of practical, applicable and educational information. 

Our vision is to trumpet with a loud and clear voice the encouragement and empowerment that comes from a relationship with Christ, so that women will find their voice, their purpose and live out their destiny.