Prayer Series

"Lord, teach us to pray”    Luke 11:1

Ouch!   As we go through life, situations arise that cause us to feel  pain, not in our bodies, but in our souls.  The difficult circumstances we face have a perfect solution, the solution is found in prayer. 

 In this prayer series you will receive instruction from qualified and experienced prayer warriors.  You will learn the hidden treasures of prayer, mixed with faith, and slow roasted with Scriptural references.   This series will teach you how to pray the Word of God properly, specifically, and strategically to bring permanent change and real breakthroughs. 

If you feel you pray but your prayers are not manifesting, then it is time for you to start seeing incredible results, this series is for you.  If you are a person experienced in the realms of prayer, this series is for you.  Let me ask you, where does it hurt?  Is it a family problem, a work challenge, an inability to break free from addictions, marital strife and division? Have you asked yourself, where is my prophetic promise?

I dare you to give it to God in prayer. Sign up for the prayer series and watch His Word and His power bring transformation to your world.